doubleDEV is an independent game developer publicly active in the scene since 2003. We are not a company, but a team of enthusiasts aiming to bring you fun and quality games. Our target audience are casual gamers on the Windows and Linux platforms. At the moment we release our games as freeware, distributed through our website and major freeware game sites like Caiman.

If you are a publisher and you would be interested in publishing one of our games in its original or modified form, please contact us with details.

Latest news

2015-05-24Linux 64-bit version of Nevernoid now available
2013-07-02Fixed a bug in level 36 "Watch the birdy" of Nevernoid
2009-10-29Ghoulies and Crawlies released
2009-01-22Bet-5 casino released
2008-02-19Dodge 'n' Dash released
Video Poker Trainer

Learn to play (6/9) jacks or better Poker with the video Poker trainer.


The Author has done a good job in making this Video Poker Trainer. As if like me you need to improve your poker skills then this will help a lot.

3.5 stars

Thanks to Video Poker Trainer you can improve your skills without spending a penny. In fact it is really a great advantage to be able to play this beautiful game is fun and in case of bad day not losing money.

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